Everyday is a Special Occasion

I haven’t been here for a long time. Life got so busy with other things so this blog, and all of my crochet, pretty much took a backseat to everything else. One thing that having a “non-essential” job did was put crochet back on my to-do list.

I have been busy making gifts (mostly afghans) for friends and family when I realized that I never made my best friend an afghan. She loves frogs and so when I found this pattern by Jody Pyott of Color and Shape Design called the Relax Frog Afghan, I had to make it for her – It turned out gorgeous!!

I am happy to report she LOVES it!

Relax Frog Afghan by Jody Pyott

Yes, I gave it to her the minute it was done. No it wasn’t her birthday. No it’s not Christmas or her anniversary and it wasn’t for Easter. I gave it to her because I made it just for her and it was finished. Why wait? When I make you something, I give it to you when finished. The only exceptions are when I find what I am making for everyone for under the tree at Christmas or if there is something specific I want to make for baby gifts or weddings, but only because that is specifically for the holiday.  I really hate that we think we need to wait for a “special occasion” to show love and appreciation for those around us.

Of course I make things for special occasions. Just not ONLY special occasions.

Sometimes I’m working on a big project and will get asked “who is that for?” I will answer my (kid, grandkid, friend, etc) and when they say “Are you giving it to them for Christmas? Birthday? etc”.  If I say “No, I’m giving it to them when it’s finished”, they almost get mad! “Well, that is too special to just give them now! You should wait for a special occasion.” My question is WHY?? My friends and family are special to me all year long. If I find something in a store, or a pattern to make and I know that a certain person will love it, then I get it! And I give it to them the next time I see them.

I give gifts all year long. At Christmas everyone might get a small gift, but there isn’t a specific “gift giving time” with me. With the many losses in my life one thing I am sure of… tomorrow isn’t guaranteed and I’m not taking any chances that you never get to see what I found for you. I don’t want anything back; I just want to see how happy the gift makes you. If your smile goes from ear to ear and your eyes light up – I am ecstatic, and my heart is full. That is my gift.

Remember that life is as short as it is precious.

Stay-at-home mandates and quarantines stink. Use that time to make those gifts for loved ones (or even for yourself and show a little self-love). Make items to help your community if you can. Send it to them as soon as you are able. Let them know they are special ALL THE TIME!! Not just the holidays and not just in hard times. Keep doing these things even after we get our lives back to normal (whatever THAT means).  

Keep on hookin’, sewin’, knittin’, craftin’ and lovin’



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