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Choosing a Crochet Hook Size with Confidence

  One thing that can get kind of tricky when crocheting is figuring out hook sizes. The thing with crochet is that the continuity in hook sizing isn’t always spot on. Not all brands match up with the others when it comes to the letter or number labeling. This makes it difficult when a pattern calls for a certain gauge and they give a letter and/or number for the hook size. One of the things I have learned is to ALWAYS check the hook size listed in millimeters. Do you like to shop as much as I do? The following article contains links to some of my favorite places. When you shop by clicking these affiliate links, I may get a small compensation. This means it’s a WIN – WIN!! You get to shop for fantastic products and I get to keep bringing you great content! I thank you for helping support my small business. Another thing to watch out for in today’s world (thanks to the internet) is that we have access to as many patterns as our little hearts desire. Even if they are from other countries