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Everyday is a Special Occasion

I haven’t been here for a long time. Life got so busy with other things so this blog, and all of my crochet, pretty much took a backseat to everything else. One thing that having a “non-essential” job did was put crochet back on my to-do list. I have been busy making gifts (mostly afghans) for friends and family when I realized that I never made my best friend an afghan. She loves frogs and so when I found this pattern by Jody Pyott of Color and Shape Design called the Relax Frog Afghan, I had to make it for her – It turned out gorgeous!! I am happy to report she LOVES it! Relax Frog Afghan by Jody Pyott Yes, I gave it to her the minute it was done. No it wasn’t her birthday. No it’s not Christmas or her anniversary and it wasn’t for Easter. I gave it to her because I made it just for her and it was finished. Why wait? When I make you something, I give it to you when finished. The only exceptions are when I find what I am making for everyone for under the tree at Christmas or if there