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10 Beginner Tips for Craft Fair and Market Season

I don’t do as many craft fairs and markets as I used to but would like to share just a few of the things I have learned, and I hope you find them to be helpful. Like anything else customer base can be regional and not every suggestion works at every venue, but these are pretty general, and I hope helpful to you no matter what type of product you are selling. Do you like to shop as much as I do? The following article contains links to some of my favorite places. When you shop by clicking these affiliate links, I may get a small compensation. This means it’s a WIN – WIN!! You get to shop for fantastic products, and I get to keep bringing you great content! I thank you for helping support my small business. 1) KISS – Keep It Simple Sweetie. You don’t need to make your display more about the display and less about what it is you’re selling. For outdoor events I just have my tent, tables and table cloths. Outdoors can be hard if you’re dealing with the elements and you don’t want to sp