About Me


Hi! I’m Tracee, a designer, blogger and yarn enthusiast. I have had a passion for arts and crafts since I was a little girl. Crochet caught my attention when I was pregnant with my first child and wanted a pretty crochet baby blanket. No one I knew could crochet so I taught myself and it was love at first hook! That was more than 30 years ago. I started dabbling in design and blogging a few years back and then I began this website called Knot 2 Sassy. I also work for Happily Hooked Magazine which is a dream job!

My husband and I farm in southern Minnesota. We raised 3 children and now have 8 grandchildren. When I’m not playing with the grands, I enjoy a good mystery or sci-fi book or movie, getting together with friends for coffee, a little cross stitch and even some knitting now and then.


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